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Gray Wolf (canis lupus):

Gray wolves have lived in pretty much every habitat in the Northern Hemisphere, except for the tropical forest. They prefer to live in open woodlands, tundras, or forests. They can be found in many places such as Canada, Alaska, Russia, New Mexico, and Arizona. They are carnivores and predators. They typically eat things such as beavers, hares, and even animals much bigger than them, such as deer and elk.

The main threat to gray wolves is due to hunting and trapping. This is because the wolf was thought of as an annoyance to people. It was due partly to the fact that people feared the wolf and that the wolf would attack them and their animals. Another reason they are endangered is because of habitat loss due to humans coming onto wolf territories.

Since the wolf is on the endangered species list it is protected from hunting. There are also reintroduction programs that take care of the wolves and then release them back into their habitats. By releasing them back into their habitats they can clear out some animals already there, that are now overpopulating. However there is still trouble with limited habitat for them. But people are now monitoring the wolves' natural habitats and keeping control of their populations in nature reserves.