Male African Lions can be up to 550 lbs. while females are only 400 lbs. at max. African lions, also known as Panthera Leo, are dieing off rapidly in the modern day world for many reasons. African Lions are endangered because of a disease called co-infection. Lions periodically face large outbreaks of the disease distemper, and usually weather them with little mortality. However, on some occasions, distemper outbreaks in 1994 and 2001 caused many deaths. This was caused by the environment factor of severe drought. A result of this drought was that both the lions’ prey, which was weakened with malnutrition, became infested with ticks, which by chain infested the lions as they fed on their prey. These ticks carried a blood parasite which made them less able to cope with canine distemper virus. Lions are also facing human threats such as overpopulation and agricultural growth. The steepest challenge that lions are facing today is the fact that farmer and ranchers have no explanatory reason for not poisoning or killing them off.

African Lions live in the grasslands of Africa, more so on the Eastern side. Their habitat is consists of average sized trees sprinkled around in a large plain of grass. Their homes are native to many grasses, many hundreds in fact.

They are on the endangered species list because farmers, ranchers, and other natives in the area they live in protect their animals and crops from lions by poisoning and killing them. There are many solutions to this problem.

African Lions can be preserved in many ways. Firstly, the farmers can keep their livestock in barns or some other structure the lions cannot penetrate. Finally, the lions can be placed in a game preserve, or simply make where they live a game preserve so that it is illegal to have on killed; by you, your hired killer, or on your property.

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