Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus)
Elephants are an important religious and spiritual icon in many Asian cultures. In America, they are oftern used as a symbol of wisdom. The Asian elephant was even used during the Vietnam War to strengthen military supply lines. Most of the thirty-thousand alive are now domesticated and used all across India for touring, farming, and transportaion. Asian elephants differ from their African cousins in size, weight and appearance. An Asian elephant weighs around five-thousand pounds and is about three feet shorter than an African elephant which weighs around fourteen-thousand pounds. Asian elephants are also hump-backed and have a dome shaped head while the African elephant has a sway-back and tapered head. Also not all male Asian elephants have tusks. They are found in scrub forests with grass, trees, and low woody plants. Habitat loss is the biggest factor affecting their population numbers.There are very few left in the wild due to the inability to follow migratory routes because of human settlements. Poaching for meat, ivory, and hides is still a big issue.
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Asian Elephants are mostly affected by habitat loss from human settlements. A way to solve this is more large protected forest for them to inhabit. Also protected pathways of their migratory routes would help greatly. A crack down on poaching of any sorts is another necessity to this creature's survival.
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