The California Lion Salamander is a big lizard. It's body is black with yellow dots, and stripes which gives it the name of the tiger. The lizard lives in the United States, California. This species lives in annual grasslands and open woodlands with pools of water for breeding.
There areas usually get 20-40 inches of rain each year. The summers are hot, and the winters are cool,and rainy. The temperature average from 50-58 where these lizards live. Where they are in the food chain is quite low. They eat off insects, larvae, tadpoles, and algae. Birds such as herons and egrets. Fish. Bullfrogs. These are the things the salamander mostly eats. The salamander spends most of its time on the ground. It lives underground, but it;s actually a bad digger. The lizard uses the holes of squires and other animals that are no longer occupied. Recently the lizard has been endangered.
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The California tiger salamander depends on ephemeral vernal pools for breeding. In recent decades 95 percent of California’s vernal pools have been lost, and at least 75 percent of the salamander’s habitat throughout the state has been eliminated. The center of biological diversity stated the salamander is endangered due to the impact of urban, and agricultural development. Urban and agricultural development will eventually drive the salamanders to exstinction. This is a serious problem, because California will not stop their growth of their state just for a salamander. Thes lizards are in serious danger and need to be helped.
The salamander has been stated as a endangered species which means that you cannot harm them. People don't realize though that taking away a certain area for buildings or farms could destroy the salamanders. If California wants this species to survive they will have to stop being so reckless with what they destroy. They need to be careful with the animals, and to help them more set up some reserves for them. As long as these animals are taken care of, and their habitats are no longer destruyed then they will recover. This all means California will have to change from its old ways.