California Red Legged Frog: frog.jpg

1. habitat--
  • are mostly found in California.
  • some are found in baja, mexico.
  • slow moving, and deep ponds, pools, and streams
  • tall vegetation, like grasses, cattails, and shrubs provide protection for the frogs, and hides them from the sun.
  • don't like the heat
2.role in food chain-
  • eat almost anything that they can fit in their mouth and can catch it
  • usually eat invertebrates
  • on occasion they will eat smaller mammals or amphibians
3. reasons for being endangered-
  • placer mining made the streams cloged and muddy which made the frogs start to be endangered
  • the frogs were heavily harvested for food after the streams got clogged
4. solutions-
  • make a law that say you can only do mining in certain places