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The Canada Lynx (Lynx Canadensis) is a medium-size member ot the Felidae family. It is recognizable by the black tufts of fur above it's ears. The coloration of the Canada Lyx varies, but the most common color is a yellowish-brown, along with a variety of spots. They have large feet, with furry pads, that enable them to walk on top of the snow, like snowshoes. The Canadian Lynx lives primarily in Canida, but can also we found in washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. external image canadianlynxphoto.jpgThe Canada Lynx is a carnivore.

There are many threats to the Canada Lynx. There are no known predators, but kittens are obviousley at risk from bears and wolves. Trapping is one of the most substantial threats to the Canadian Lynx. This is because they are easily trapped. Hunting is another major threat to the Canadian lynx. Not only are they hunted, but so is their primary source of food, the snoeshoe hare.

The Canada Lynx is on the endangered species list because of over trapping and hunting. Lynx populations are also threatend when the Snowshoe hare populations decrease, since they are a primary source of food. One solution to saving the Canada Lynx is to make the hunting and trapping of this animal illegal. Another possible solution is to help increase the population of the snowshoe hare so that the lynx will have a constant food source, so that the lynx population will be able to reproduce greatly enough to be taken off of the endangered species list.