The woodland caribou, or Rangifer tarandus caribou, lives only in the Northern United States and Canada. The average height of a woodland caribou is 4 feet and they can weight anywhere between 250 and 700 pounds.They feed on ground and tree lichens, shrubs, grasses, and willows, so that means they are herbivores. Their main carioub.jpgpredator is the gray wolf.
The caribou is endangered in Canada due to mining, logging, oil and gas exploration, and human development. Loggers are cutting down the forests, which home caribou, elk and deer. Another reason they're endangered is because people hunt them for their hide, which is used for tents and clothing.
I have thought of several possible solutions to return the species to normal population levels. The first is to slow done or even stop logging in the forests where the caribou live. If we did this, there would be more land for the caribou to live on and therefore the population would rise. The government should be aware of this and maybe make some laws limiting the amount of forests that could be cut down. Another solution is stop hunting the caribou's for their hide. We can surely find something to make tents and clothes out of as a replacement for the caribou hide.
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