external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-1.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-2.jpgCOUGARINSHADOWS.jpgThe Puma Con color commonly know as Cougar or Mountain Lion is a carnivorous feline that lives mostly in the Northeast region. They have been presumed extinct, though many have seen and taken pictures of them. In 1982 a recovery plan was put in place to save them and restore them back to what they used to be. They have been on the endangered and Threaten wildlife lists since 1973. Pumas have been mostly eliminated in their natural habitats. The mountain lion once lived in Tennessee and most other regions of the United States. They are protected by The Endangered species Act. Pumas were eliminated from most of eastern North America by the twentieth century due to uncontrolled hunting and trapping, habitat destruction, and decline in their main food supply, which is the white-tailed deer.The biggest threat is finding undisturbed habitats. One way they are trying to help these animals is by building a sanctuaries. Sanctuaries that are as natural as they could be that will support these animals and their needs. These sanctuaries help to reestablish the species by the breeding and releasing program.