TThe Fairy Shrimp are scientifically called Eubranchipis vernalis. The Fairy Shrimp is a very small organism about one inch long, whose color ranges from yellow, orange, and white. They are crustaceans that swim on their back. The most common of the species live in Massachusetts. They live in depressions that fill up with rain, or melted snow that lack salt. These are also called vernal pools. Fairy shrimp are very important to the food chain. They are omnivores and eat algae and micro organisms. They are eaten by beetles and waterfowl. Without Fairy Shrimp it's not easy to tell how healthy a vernal pool actually is. When Fairy Shrimp are not present in the vernal pools there could be a serious problem such as altered hydrology.
Fairy Shrimp live a very short life of around two weeks, and reproduce quickly. They are endangered species because of their loss of habitat. Because their habitats are created by runoff and rain, they are created spontaneously. The vernal pools that are home to fairy shrimp and many other organisms are starting to disappear and the animals within them are becoming extinct. They are becoming extinct because their vernal pools are disappearing. They are disappearing because pollutants are contaminating them. Pesticides and other chemicals are the cause of this serious problem. If people use harmful chemicals near where a vernal pool could be created it would run off into the pool. The fairy shrimp would then die because of these harmful toxins.Ways to stop this problem are pretty obvious. People need to cut down on the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that get swept away into the runoff. If people are going to use pesticides they need to find eco-friendly ones.