Giant Pandas are a Bear type animal that has white and black fur. They are much like any other bear only they do not hibernate, their fur is think and keeps them warm through the cold winters of their natural habitat. Their habitat is mainly in mountain ranges in central China, in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces. They originally lived in lowlands but human farming and deforestation caused them to migrate towards coniferous forests in the mountains that have a think understory of bamboo. But because of illegal hunting and the Pandas natural laziness they aren’t reproducing fast enough for the population to increase and recover enough to get off the endangered species list. Giant pandas are only able to conceive once a year for a certain period in spring and giant pandas are lazy so they won’t take the time to reproduce, hurting their population numbers further. The most reproductive panda in captivity has only had 8 cubs. Zoologist should make a program or a some type of system that gets the pandas active and reproducing when they need to. By doing this the panda population could rise and finally get out off the endangered species list and not have to live mostly in captivity